Non-employment services for migrant workers

【Non-employment services for migrant workers】

1.Various benefits of labor insurance
➤Application Eligibility: Foreigners legally working in Taiwan and participating in labor insurance
➤Benefit items: "Maternity Benefit", "Injury or Sickness Benefit", "Disability Benefit", "Death Benefit", " Missing Allowance"
➤Required documents: relevant payment application; relevant certification documents, personal information of the applicant (passport, residence permit, personal account of a designated domestic financial institution, etc.), other documents (required documents according to different application items)
2.Labor occupational accident insurance benefits
➤Application Eligibility: Foreigners who legally work in Taiwan and have joined labor occupational accident insurance
➤Benefit items: " Medical Care Benefits", "Injury or Sickness Benefits (including Care Subsidies)", "Disability Benefits (including Care Subsidies)", "Death Benefits", "Missing Benefits", "Family benefits", " Care-Taker Subsidy ", "Equipment subsidies", "Vocational Training Living Allowance", "Disability Living Allowance", "Occupational Disease Living Allowance"
➤Required documents: relevant payment application; relevant certification documents; personal information of the applicant (passport, residence permit; personal account of a designated domestic financial institution, etc.); other documents (required according to different application items)
3.Commercial insurance claims
➤Application Eligibility: The beneficiary of the insurance should submit an application. If the claim for insurance benefits is not a death claim, the insured (the beneficiary) should fill in the application form and submit the application
➤Required documents: claim application form; consent statement; personal information of the insured (passport, residence permit, etc.); other documents (provided according to different situations)
4.Legal aid
➤Service items: legal consultation, litigation, writing legal documents, assistance in mediation/conciliation
➤Application Eligibility: foreigners who live in our country legally
➤Application method: National Legal Aid Branches, the nearest legal aid branch to you
1.Online appointment: Please enter the legal aid online appointment system, and you need the assistance of a friend who understands Chinese, because the content of the web page is in Chinese, and foreigners who need translation should remember to check the link when registering the information :
2.Telephone appointment: Please dial the law support national seven-degits special hotline 412-8518, ext.3
5.Financial Exchange Service
➤What documents do foreigners need to open a deposit account in Taiwan?
1.Foreigners who hold a residence permit issued by the Ministry of the Interior: they should provide their residence permit and other identifying identification documents, such as health insurance cards, passports, driver's licenses, or student ID cards.
2.Foreigners who do not hold a residence permit (foreigners who have no domicile in Taiwan): they should hold a (foreign) passport with a legal entry visa (or stamp) or an overseas Chinese identity certificate issued by the Overseas Chinese Committee, and the unified Handling of certificate number base form
➤Transnational Exchange Regulations for Migrant Workers
✓Foreign exchange companies licensed by the Financial Supervisory Commission
✓Application Procedures: The foreign exchange company applies for registration as a member. Only after the registration is successfully can the remittance transaction of remitting salary in Taiwan back to the home country be carried out.
✓ Documents need to prepared: foreign residence permit and phone number
〠The toll-free hotline 0800-665-800 of the direct hiring service center for migrant workers can provide bilingual services, assist in explaining various issues related to the application for various insurance benefits, and provide relevant benefits or benefits from the Labor Insurance Bureau of the Ministry of Labor and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration The Chinese application form for the subsidy and its four-language version, application eligibility, required documents and application procedures, application methods for legal assistance, and financial exchange information guidelines in my country are available for foreigners to request.